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TODA Engine Treatment

TODA Engine Treatment

Product Descriptions

TODA Engine Treatment formulated to enhance the performance of today’s modern engine oils and to replenish critical oil additives that are depleted in normal usage. TODA Engine Treatment provides additional viscosity modifier, detergent, antiwear and antioxidant additives when it is added to the engine oil. 


Quality Attributes

- Maximize engine protection.

- Eco-friendly Reduce exhaust emissions.

- Removes oil stains and impurities in the engine like new.

- Antioxidant supplement helps slow down the oil.

- Can be filled at any time. And compatible with all types of oils.


- Add TODA Engine Treatment 1 bottle (450 ml.) to the engine oil 3.8-4.7 liters.

- Compatible with all types of oils.






Packing Size


Product Code

450 Milliliters - 8 859323 102760

12 x 450 Milliliters - 1 8 859323 102767



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