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TODA Flushing Oil

TODA Flushing Oil

Product Descriptions

TODA Flushing Oil is high-quality oil products that have the ability to wash and clear out dirts in engines. It can be used for cleaning all types of engines.


Quality Attributes

- High dispersion and detergency

- High resistance to wear, corrosion and foaming

- Significant resistance to oxidation

- Excellent detergent additive removes sludge and soot.

- Can be mixed with both multi grade mineral and fully synthetic motor oils.

- Has completely no effect on (old) gaskets and seals: no risk of leakage



- Take old engine oil out of the engine.

- Add TODA Flushing Oil before replacing the engine oil and oil filter. Start your engine for about 5-10 minutes. TODA Flushing Oil is thoroughly cleaned inside the engine, including valves and pistons.

- Take TODA Flushing Oil and oil filter out of the engine.

- Add new TODA engine oil into the engine.


- Do not accelerate or drive while using Fujitsu Oil.

- The amount of TODA Flushing Oil used is equal to the oil change as usual.






Packing Size


Product Code

1.0 Liter - 8 859323 103330

4.0 Liters - 8 859323 103347

12 x 1 Liter - 1 8 859323 103337

4 x 4 Liters - 2 8 859323 103341


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